PHOTOGRAPHER:  George Rivera
MODEL: Dacia Martin, Model Club Inc

Southwestern Beauty feat. Fashion from Ash&Rose

This May, it will be 10 years since I graduated high school. Even though that was a decade ago, I feel as though it was just yesterday that I was thinking about the next chapter of my life and eager to go to college. Throughout the years, we have been navigating the professional world, discovering our passions and turning them into careers.

Over the years, I couldn’t help admiring the work of former classmate Melanie Ruth.  Her work captured more than just a portrait or a landscape. She managed to capture the raw beauty of a person and place, paying close attention to details and angles. I reached out to Melanie to see if she wanted to collaborate on a photo shoot, who recruited Jackie to model and Karah to do hair, also former classmates. Our high school turned out some amazing talent and I was honored to work alongside my fellow Suffield High ’06 grads.

We also partnered with Ash & Rose, who I came across searching for local ethical fashion after watching the documentary The True Cost, a documentary that looks into how clothes are manufactured and exposes the humane and environmental consequences for society’s desire for cheap and rapidly produced clothing (available H&M & Forever21, just to name a few).

Ash & Rose provides clothing and accessories that are ethically produced from sustainable materials. They carry both their own private line of clothing as well as other sustainable vendors from all over the globe. If you live in or around Boston, their boutique is definitely worth the visit. Their online boutique is equally as beautiful, and consistently updated with new items.

The photos from this shoot are beautiful and I am excited to share them with you.

PHOTOGRAPHER:  Melanie Ruth / Facebook
MODELS: Kat, Ryan, and Jackie
WARDROBE: Ash & Rose

Tess Wrap Dress by Tonlé in Ivory & Long Petal Necklac by Faire Collection in Blue
Sophear Dress by Tonlé in Purple  & Double Moto Lariat Necklace by Soko
Leaf Flame Dress by Synergy Organic in Mint and Aubergine
&  Druzy Drop Necklace by Northern Roots in lilac

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